"It's circus Jim, but not as we know it!"
Convention Ticket: €40

* Thursday Show
* Friday Show
* Saturday Gala*
* Festival Club**
* The Renegade
* 4 day Convention Hall
* Convention Workshops***

* 2pm or 5:30pm showing
** Festival Club includes the Pop-Up Circus acts and live music from King Kong Company
*** Childrens Workshops are not included in the Convention Ticket

FREE Attractions
Every year the festival holds free public shows for everyone to enjoy, this years free attractions include the Inferno Fire Show on Friday evening at 6:30pm in the Tralee Town Square and the NEST Stage followed by the Festival Sunset Party starting at 3pm on Sunday in Pearse Park.
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00353 (0)66 7199100

€35pps B&B (kids €10 B&B)
€50 B&B for a single

€30pps (kids €5)
€45 Single

Public Shows

Darragh Mc Loughlin and Riuchi Double Bill

Thursday 8pm – Siamsa Tíre

Darragh Mc Loughlin

“Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.” (Edgar Allan Poe)

We do not know who he is, or how he came there. We are simply the witnesses of a wanderer with nowhere to go.

His only company is himself some round inanimate objects and his obsession with a song which he plays over and over again.

Not much seems to change in this place, except over time the man slowly begins to change and with that so does his relationship to this place he finds himself in.

Upon repeatedly confronting himself and his own sanity he falls deeper and deeper into darkness as he fights to find some sort of proof of his own existence.

Nowhere? What’s in Nowhere? Surely there is nothing in Nowhere. If I went to Nowhere, would I then be nobody?.” 


The Tale of the Ancient lights by Riuchi  develops around a series of circus acts in which technology, movement, and magic meet to create a unique stage performance.

With focus and delicacy RIUCHI takes you with him. His elusive silhouette puts him outside of time, and within a borderless imaginary space he creates and destroys, moving from one chapter to the other. The props used are unique and developed specifically for this show, creating colour and light manipulation.

RIUCHI offers in this performance compelling moments that renew the perception of contemporary circus, hovering deftly between juggling, comedy, dance and magic.

“Inferno” Fire Show

Friday 6:30pm – Tralee Town Square

Information to follow

Circus Siamsa

Saturday 2pm & 5:30pm

Siamsa Tíre

At the heart of the festival is Circus Siamsa a public variety show, held in Siamsa Tíre. This year, as every year, an entirely new show has been created by Fanzini Productions for the good people of Tralee and beyond, bringing the stars of contemporary circus and street performance, magic and variety to the stage in Siamsa Tire. It’s a family show, but not just for kids that will thrill, delight and amaze the lucky audiences who are there to witness this unique spectacle! This show is a highlight of the Circus Festival and is a show not to be missed.

The National Circus Festival of Ireland is brought to you by Fanzini Productions
thanks to support from our sponsors:
Your Artists for 2014

*Darragh Mc Loughlin
*Lost In Translation Circus
*Mick Holsbeke
*Tony Pezzo

Show Hosts
*Fanzini Brothers (Gala)
*Nat Lunatricks (Renegade)

Pop-up Circus(Fest. Club)
*Brian O'Connell
*Mick Holsbeke
*Tony Pezzo

Live Band (Fest. Club)
*King Kong Company

NEST Stage
*Aiden Phelan
*Alex Allison
*Amelie Bal
*Francesca Castellano

Sunset Party DJ's
*The Lords of Strut

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Festival Timetable

Thursday 13th:
* 1-7 pm - Convention Hall
* 8pm - Darragh Mc Loughlin and Riuchi

Friday 14th:
* 10-5pm - Convention Hall
* 6:30pm - Inferno Fire Show
* 8pm - Lost in Translation Circus
* 10pm - Festival Club

Saturday 15th:
* 10am-9pm - Convention Hall
* 11am & 12pm - Childrens Workshops
* 2pm - Circus Siamsa (Early Show)
* 5:30pm - Circus Siamsa (Late Show)
* 10pm - Renegade Show

Sunday 16th:
* 10am-5pm - Convention Hall
* 11am & 12pm - Childrens Workshops
* 3pm - NEST Stage & Sunset Party

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